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Review our Community Safety Tips For Ocala

July 31, 2023
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You appreciate where you reside and want to do all you can to keep your community secure. Besides, your neighborhood and the people in it play a vital role in your life and your children’s upbringing. Chances are, you already do things like lock your entryways before bed, but what else should you do to foster safety in your neighborhood? Take a minute to find out by going through our leading community safety tips for Ocala.

How to keep your Ocala neighborhood safe

There are numerous things you can do to enhance the safety in your local area, from installing a modern home security system to simply being mindful of what you post on online platforms. Review the following tips.

1. Invest in your home’s defense

Investing in your home’s protection is also beneficial to your community. When you implement a complete home security system, you’re not only dissuading invasions at your residence, but you’re also helping to keep potential burglars out of your local area. Thankfully, contemporary smart homes provide more security devices than past iterations. You can have smart lighting automatically turn on - a great benefit when you’re away - and even view video camera feeds directly from your mobile. Some outside cameras and video doorbells even have built-in deterrents to dissuade intruders. Linking your home to 24-hour monitoring specialists is another essential step and helps ensure an instant response if an emergency arises.

2. Foster relationships with your neighbors

You might be shocked by the number of people who honestly aren’t close to their neighbors. Forming a network of support within your neighborhood is essential. You’ll be able to perform tasks for each other, like keep up with the mail on trips, care for pets, and even report suspicious activity. Some communities might run their own social networking site. Make sure you’re on it, as this is a fantastic way to keep up with what’s taking place in your area.

3. Maintain your property

There’s certainly merit in having pride of ownership, but maintaining your home and its surroundings has a safety aspect too. An unkempt yard may be enticing to potential intruders, as it indicates you may be negligent about your home’s protection too. In addition, wild trees and shrubs near access points can produce unintended hiding places. Keep your yard well maintained, and consider using outdoor cameras to keep an eye on your perimeter. Pairing your outdoor surveillance with motion-detecting lights is another great idea.

4. Don’t share more than you need to on social networks

You don’t want to invite illegal activity by posting too much on social media. Never broadcast that you are going to be out of town, as you never know who’s going to see it. As an alternative, keep these details private with dependable neighbors and loved ones who will be taking care of your residence.

Help keep your Ocala neighborhood safe with a Vivint smart home

Now that you have some tips on how to keep your Ocala neighborhood safe, it’s time to act. Dial (352) 922-3678 today to learn how you can improve your home’s security. A friendly Vivint agent is happy to help you design a state-of-the-art smart home.