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Top 5 benefits of smart home door locks in Ocala

April 24, 2023
Person using app on phone to lock door.

Can you recall when the simplest way to provide a neighbor entry into your home was to place an extra key under the welcome mat or partially hidden within a flower pot? There’s a much safer way to do things now. Smart home door locks in Ocala will not only supply convenient access to those you want to permit inside, but they will also deliver an enhanced level of security and manageability to your normal routine. Check out our top five advantages of these modern tools.

No. 1 - Increased security for your home

Stashing a key outside for a friend or neighbor isn’t the greatest idea for obvious reasons. Smart home door locks afford the chance to get rid of traditional key systems altogether. As well as keyless entry, these tools improve security in a multitude of ways as you are able to:

  • Configure them to automatically lock after a certain time frame once they’ve been engaged.
  • Instruct them to lock at particular hours, like when you go to bed.
  • Go into the app on your phone to find out if the entry is locked. If it’s still open, you can secure it remotely.

No. 2 - Smart home door locks in Ocala make your life easier

Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate searching for a key when you have a handful of groceries? This isn’t an issue with smart door locks. A simple press of your smartphone will have the door opened and ready for you to enter. Despite the fact that features may vary, numerous models provide convenience with:

  • Control from a distance. Lock or unlock your door from any location when you’re online. Did you just stretch out in bed and don’t want to get up? Simply use the security app on your phone.
  • Operation through vocal commands and smart speakers. Need to unlock the door when you’re in the middle of something? Simply say a command to your smart speaker.

No. 3 - Set codes for family, neighbors, and other approved visitors

One of the greatest things about the majority of smart front door locks in Ocala is that you aren’t restricted to one code for your keypad. Alternatively, you are able to set customized passcodes for the people who need access, like your family members, neighbors, and close friends. You could even program time-limited passcodes or others that can only be used at particular times. For example, if your cleaning service typically enters between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. on Mondays, you are able to program a code for that specific period.

No. 4 - See who activated the smart lock

This goes hand-in-hand with No. 3, but it’s worth mentioning. Not only can you assign codes, but you may even see who is utilizing them and at what time. Did your teenager arrive unplanned during the day? You even have the opportunity to receive updates through your mobile device security app. That way, you’ll be promptly informed any time someone engages the lock.

No. 5 - Configure along with other tools in your Ocala smart home

Whenever you have home automation incorporated into your home’s defense, you are able to add comfort and security by having devices work in unison. For example, you can set your foyer light to turn on if the front door lock is activated. In addition, you might have the doors automatically unlock if a smoke or CO detector is tripped, allowing for a quicker exit. You can tailor your home’s protection in a variety of ways.

Get smart home door locks in Ocala from Vivint

Why not add some additional ease and protection to your daily routine? Order smart home door locks in Ocala as a component of your comprehensive home security from Vivint. You’ll be thankful for the perks such as control from your phone, integration with other devices, and the chance to personalize access. Dial (352) 922-3678 today or complete our convenient form to request assistance.